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One-Way Ticket by Suzanne Wentley

For everyone who's dreamed of quitting their job, selling it all, and traveling the world, this memoir is for you!

With "One-Way Ticket," Author Suzanne Wentley, a digital nomad and professional journalist, invites the reader on five sensational years of non-stop international travel through the Caribbean, South America, Oceania, and Asia via sailboat, airplane, and even a tiny home on wheels!

It's the stuff dreams are made of, but Wentley's keen insights and colorful details show the real-life challenges of her rare and inspirational lifestyle. Throughout the Caribbean, South America, Oceania, and Asia, she learns how to work online, meets unforgettable friends, has her fair share of scares, dates more than her fair share of troublesome guys, and always figures out how to keep shining brightly.

"One-Way Ticket" is an inside look at what it's like to be a modern, international, solo female traveler. A true page-turner, it's packed with personality, wisdom, honest emotion, and creativity. She shows you how it can be done, day by day, as a trailblazer in the new reality of remote work. Wentley shares how she's always and never on vacation, from all over the world.


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Operation Big Fun: The Fest Life Guide

For newbs, wooks and everyone in between, we present Operation Big Fun: The Fest Life Guide.

It’s more than a practical how-to guide for navigating a reader’s first or 50th live music festival. This part-memoir, part-documentary is filled with pictures and engaging stories that shine a loving light on the wonderful world and sub-culture of the recent music concert festival scene. Learn everything – cultivated from more than a decade of fests – needed to maximize good times and good vibes for one of the most special weekends of your life.

In Operation Big Fun: The Fest Life Guide, you'll get 200+ pages filled with everything you'll need for a great weekend, minus the ticket. Inside, you'll find:

  • A 25-page glossary of insider terms (hyperlinked for easy referencing in the e-Book option)
  • Comprehensive packing checklists for food, clothing, camp essentials and toys
  • Best practices for common festival occurrences like using a disgusting Port-O-John, sharing a cooler with friends for the weekend and sneaking a beer past the security gate
  • Encouragement in your quest to live your best life: befriending fun-loving people, helping others and participating actively in the fun
  • Tall tales (and accompanying photographs) of adventuring around festivals, including engaging in every one from an undercover cop to a grown man in a glittery Oscar the Grouch costume.

If you're in on the joke, you're part of the framily. But if you're just thinking about checking out these amazing experiences for the first time (or care about someone who has and want to impart wise, loving advice), this light-hearted and helpful manual offers creative ideas to improve your festival experience. Enjoy more laughter, dancing and … don't forget the most important: live music. Hey, the show’s about to begin – let’s do this!